I am Candy (no last name), from Indonesia. I am studying in Japan and have been here for almost 4 years now. My research is focused on refusal expressions. I noticed that Indonesian have different way of expressing refusal than Japanese. Thus, in my master thesis, I compared between Indonesian (INS) and Japanese (JNS) refusal expressions, and found that Japanese use direct refusal more significantly than Indonesian towards strangers. Conversely, Indonesian use more direct refusal expressions if they become acquainted with the requester. In the data from the study, I noticed that the semantic formula follows a consistent pattern in each group, “apology”–“reason”–“refusal” for JNS data, and “apology”–“refusal” for INS data. In the present study, I am researching whether language structure affects the “thought pattern” in constructing the refusal expression. I surveyed Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Chinese native speakers for confirming this and going to write the complete work for my dissertation too.